The Juicy Roadmap


  • Creation of Steampunk Hamsters NFTs
  • Creation of Steampunk Hamsters Social Pages
  • Plan Marketing Campaigns for Steampunk Hamsters


  • Whitelist Pre-sale opens
  • NFT Mint Launch Opens
  • AMA Sessions and Community Building


  • Steampunk Hamsters Game V1.0 (Game Development)
  • Exclusive Steampunk Hamsters Comics For Loyal Holders
  • AMA Sessions
  • Announcement of New Factions

December 4

  • Holiday Special Drop (Exclusive 1000 Piece Add Ons / Powerup For the GamePlay - Only Available To Mint By Holders Of Existing NFTs

January 2022 5

  • V2.0 Steampunk Hamsters Game Releases
  • More Hamsters Released For Mint (Quantity Only Revealed To Holders)

February 2022 6

  • Introduction To Steampunk Hamsters Academy
  • AMA Sessions
  • Live Twitch Steaming Of Game Battles
  • More Exclusive Steampunk Hamsters Comics For Loyal Holders

March 2022 7

  • Introduction Of New Factions
  • Launch Land Sales For Loyal NFT Holders To Acquire